Brand-new 700bhp Ford Mustang available in UK

There are dozens of tuning packages available for the latest Ford Mustang; trouble is, it’s difficult to get hold of them on this side of the Atlantic. Into the breach steps car dealer Clive Sutton, who has developed a package for the V8 Mustang that ups output to 700bhp.

The Mustang CS700 has a honking-great Whipple supercharger bolted onto its 5.0-litre V8 motor, plus an intercooler and active exhaust that together generate 645bhp. A extra packs adds uprated throttle bodies, injectors and pulley to release the full 700bhp-plus. That’s 68% more than a standard car’s 416bhp.

We’ve no idea what that lot does to the performance figures, but it’s safe to assume it ain’t slow.

With that kind of shove, Sutton’s suspension and brake packages which add 30mm lower suspension, 20in wheels and big, grooved brakes are advisable. But we’ll leave you to make up your own mind about the carbonfibre bodykit – splitter, side skirts, boot lid and spoiler. You can go further with a carbon ‘ram air’ bonnet, dashboard and louvres.

A lesser CS500 pack is available on the V8, which adds a cold-air intake to produce 440bhp, while the CS350 pack boosts the 2.3 EcoBoost engine to 330bhp.

The full CS700 engine upgrade, plus the suspension and brakes adds £23,725 to the V8 Mustang’s £34,995 list price. Spec add the carbonfibre body bits, and you’ll more than double that list price.

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