Bristol Cars have announced that the powertrain in their first car in over a decade will be a BMW powertrain. There are no specifics on what powerplant but with BMW doing a number of quality performance engines, it’s fair to say Bristol Cars are going to be celebrating their 70th anniversary in style.

Time for a brief history lesson.

The car, codenamed Project Pinnacle is a reference to Bristol Cars heritage which spans back to an era where Bristol (then known as the Bristol Aeroplane Company), Frazer-Nash and BMW names were once featured in the same sentence as it was Bristol who once had the rights to manufacture three BMW models as well as the BMW 328 engine.

Back to the modern day, Bristol were bought in 2011 and have had multi-million investments to bring the company back to the forefront of British engineering and craftsmanship

The Project Pinnacle is set for a launch later this year as a 70th anniversary celebration for the British performance manufacturer. Stay tuned for more updates.

For more information head to the Bristol Cars website.

By James Fothergill

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