Britain’s most dangerous roundabouts

Elephant & Castle roundabout

THEY have been dubbed the ‘circles of strife’ on the Britain’s roads.

According to RAC research, the most dangerous roundabout in the UK has been the scene to over 160 accidents in the last six years.

This roundabout is located outside the Elephant and Castle station in Southwark, South London and has seen a shocking 163 crashes since 2010.

Analysis was carried out on official data on road accidents which deemed that the London roundabout was the most dangerous in the country.

Taking second place was a roundabout in central Birmingham at Bordesley Circus and third place was handed to the Royal Docks Road in Newham, East London.

Over 105 accidents have take place on each of these stretches of road.

The roundabout on Cambridge Road and Churchill Way in the Hertfordshire town of Broxbourne have been responsible for 102 accidents.

North East Derbyshire roundabout located near the Heath Interchange is the only other none London based roundabout to appear on this list.

Across all of the UK there were a total of 14,324 road accidents through the whole of 2015. 

This is an less incidents than were recorded in 2014 but more than were reported in 2013.

However, there were 45 per cent less accidents in road traffic accidents compared to 2006.

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