Horror speedway crash ankle break

Speedway horror crash

SPEEDWAY ace Erik Riss has admitted he’s devastated by being involved in the horror crash that saw Pawel Przedpelski break his ankle.

The young German Riss got caught up in a racing incident with Pole Przedpelski which saw him lift violently and plunging at high-speed into the air fence on Monday night.

On a night of carnage live on BT Sport, fans leapt onto social media to blame Riss for the crash while racing for his top flight club Leicester.

But Riss vowed he’s not a dirty rider. He said: “I feel really bad after that incident with Pawel.

“I know I played my part in that crash even if it was no intention and track conditions probably also played its part as Pawel hooked up to much grip on the outside.

“But I am not a dirty rider and never ever in my whole career of racing did I cause a crash on purpose and I never will.

“It is a dangerous sport and appreciate my life and so do I respect the life of the other riders.

“The worst thing that can happen to me is to cause a crash and someone getting injured. Doesn’t matter if it’s an opponent or not.”

Riss is one of the hottest prospects in British speedway, clocking up big scores for Edinburgh and Leicester.

Speedway horror crash
Speedway horror crash

He scored a very impressive paid 14 on Monday night but the crash marred the night as Leicester ended the meeting with only four riders.

Riss added: “I made a good start of gate one and covered the inside. Going down the straight I heard Nick Morris just behind me on the inside. So I tried to hold him there and came really tight and fast into bend three what caused me to drift wide.

“I was not aware, that Pawel was coming around the outside and at the moment, I seen him, it was already too late.

“Please fans, don’t judge if you don’t know me. I would never ever in my lifetime, cause a crash like this on purpose.”

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