Sheer 249mph madness in a Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

OBVIOUSLY someone at Bugatti was getting a bit jealous.

With the Frankfurt Motor Show on the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi and BMW were stealing all the headlines.

So Mr Bugatti decides to blow them all out the water in only the way they can.

With a ridiculous new speed record.

Zero to 249mph and back to zero in 41.96 seconds in a Chiron.

The acceleration bit took 32.6 seconds and 2.6km. Once the driver hit the brakes, it took him another 9.3 seconds and 491 metres to come to a complete halt. In all the run covered 3,112 metres – less than two miles.

Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron

The driver was ex-Formula One ace Juan Pablo Montoya and winner of the Indy 500 and Daytona 24Hrs.

He apparently said he would have “done anything Bugatti wanted” to drive a Chiron.

He didn’t even wear a helmet for the record-setting run. He said: “It gave me such a feeling of security and reliability that I was entirely relaxed and really enjoyed myself during my two days with the car.”

Bugatti have already sold 300 of the 500 Chirons it plans to build.

We suspect the last 200 will go quicker than the Chiron to 249mph.

Now we’re all talking about Bugatti again. Job done.

Phil Lanning

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