Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo hints at new Veyron

Bugatti has released the first images of its Vision Gran Turismo concept, which drops some clues as to what the legendary Veyron’s successor will look like.

Son-of-Veyron is due in 2017. Even more power and speed is inevitable, and it will reportedly cost somewhere in the region of £1.6 million. The consensus seems to be that it will be called Chiron, after the great Bugatti racer.

Until that monster is unleashed on the world, we have the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo to ogle when it is unveiled in full-size form at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Though it is a complete flight of race car-inspired fancy, Bugatti does say it shows “the new form and design language developed by the brand to celebrate the next chapter in its history following the end of the Veyron era.”

There are distinct similarities between the Veyron and the Vision GT in the car’s proportions and silhouette, though it appears almost cartoonishly low and rakish. In fact, the wheels seems to account for two-thirds of the thing’s height.

Other elements have been developed from the Veyron. The iconic horseshoe grille is much more prominent and is flanked by deep-set LED headlights. A more pronounced ‘V’ runs from the grille, up the nose and along the waist line. And a large oval encompasses the header rail, side intake and sill.

The rest is pure racer, with immense aerodynamic addenda, including that preposterous rear wing. The internet has got a little over-excited comparing the Vision GT to the GTE-spec Ford GT Le Mans car, foaming at the mouth at the prospect of the two racing against each other in motorsport’s Blue Ribband event. But the road-going Chiron will produce something like two-and-a-half times the power of a GTE racer, so no. Just no.

Like every other Vision Gran Turismo concept – a total of 28 manufacturers were invited to design one – the Bugatti will be available to download on Gran Turismo 6 in the near future. I would advise against taking on someone who’s using it.

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