Buick Avista concept kicks off Detroit show

What is it?

An incredibly stunning concept from Buick who really haven’t had anything close to stunning for decades. The Buick Avista concept is not just a stunner to look at but also has some respectable performance figures. The Avista is a showcase of what Buick wants to present to customers in the near future.

What do I need to know?

The Buick Avista is a 2+2 sports coupe that houses a 400 hp, twin-turbocharged V6 powering the rear wheels.

The stunning concept features a large yet, elegant grille with the new recoloured Buick logo at the center. The sharp “wing-shaped” design of the headlight enhances the flowing lines of the Avista concept.

Buick state that the elegance of the Avista concept design is a showcase of how future Buicks will appear.

On top of that it is also a preview of the performance Buick plan to bring to their line of vehicles. While recent Buicks have been rather forgetful, the Avista concept “embodies the dynamic soul of Buick”.

The Buick Avista concept is a modern expression of the brand’s heritage and sophisticated performance.

Buick unveiled the concept on the eve of this week’s Detroit Motor Show as the American manufacturer continues to restrengthen its image with a much more purposeful yet stylish image.

When can I buy it?

The Buick Avista concept is sadly not available to buy, however like many concepts it is a positive showing of future automotive design and maybe, Buick could introduce an exciting sports coupe into their future lineup.

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