Come on down – Crazy Prices! Best deal ever this Black Friday only.

You’ll see it everywhere tomorrow as it’s the busiest retail day of the year, but is it true for cars, is Friday the best day to buy a black car? If you took the two words separately, there’s enough of a tension to make the question interesting.

It was motoring mogul Henry Ford who famously said “You can have any colour as long as it’s black”. That was from the days of the iconic Model T Ford, but not that much has changed as, according to vehicle paint manufacturer DuPont*, 21% of cars are black, making it the joint most popular colour (alongside blue) for car buyers – more than one in five of the world’s cars is black.

Where is the inspiration for this desire for noir? Well, fashion may have started something there. No-one ever used the phrase ‘yellow is the new green’, it’s always ‘(whatever colour is in vogue) is the new black’. Black basic and maybe slightly dangerous.

Think of all the cars in films and in popular culture that have been black and who was driving them, they were either the hero or the villain. Michael Knight’s K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider is a classic of the genre – he and K.I.T.T. will be back on your screen in January on the Only Motors channel – watch this space!


The Batmobile is a black, booding iconic shape, one which was inspired by the very Jetson’s Sci-Fi looking Ford X2000


The Ford X2000 was a styling fantasy from 1958, what the Ford design department thought we might just possibly be driving in the year 2000. That design was only a scale model but enthusiast, Andy Saunders saw it in the “Dream Cars” book (J-R Picard 1981), pursued the impossible dream – and built one. Only Motors will be featuring Andy and all his incredible creations in a #Petrolheads programme in January.

I don’t know who was in the infamous Dodge Charger R/T pursued by Steve McQueen in Bullitt but they weren’t the goodies!


Even the Munsters chose a black car – their Ford Model T-based Koach remained as Henry Ford intended even when the monstrous family themselves switched from black and white to colour TV.


You may want to be the hero buying a black car on a Friday but before you do, think about this. There is a phrase ‘Friday afternoon car’, which alludes to the belief that workers lose interest on a Friday afternoon therefore producing sub-standard quality cars, they were more interested to get home and watch the telly. The first reference to the phrase is in the Usenet group ‘’, from August 18th 1983. So what was keeping workers excited in those days? Probably the retro programmes that would keep many petrolheads and armchair heros glued to the TV today like; Knight Rider, The A – Team, CHiPs and other retro shows – well they’re all coming back to Only Motors in January.

The A Team



Quality: 2nd Generation. Programme Name: CHIPS. For further information: please contact Suzy, Carolyn or Mirinda at the Bravo Press Office on 020 7299 5000.

The diversity of black cars is impressive. Currently on a popular car website, black cars advertised range from a 2001 Fiat Punto Mia at £125 to a 2008 Bugatti Veyron at £899,995, illustrating the sheer diversity of cars for sale.

Well, would you buy a black car tomorrow? You could end up being a hero in a junker or a villain in supercar. Whatever you think, just remember that, statistically, you’re more likely to die in a Black Friday sale than from a shark attack!

Good luck.