Car plunges off Beachy Head, driver survives

A driver escaped with only minor injuries when his car fell hundreds of feet off cliffs at Beachy Head.

The 20-year old emerged from the remains of his Honda HR-V – we’ve seen cars come out of a baler in a better state – with just bruising and a broken rib. A member of the public alerted emergency services after the incident, which happened at 3pm on Thursday, and a Coastguard helicopter was dispatched to airlift the driver to hospital.

After receiving treatment at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, the driver is now recovering at home.

It is not known how or why the car went over the edge of the cliffs, which reach a height of 531ft. Beachy Head is a popular spot for suicide attempts, but there’s no suggestion this incident was one. It’s equally likely to be a simple accident during an off-road excursion – illegal, incidentally, as there’s no vehicular access to the cliff tops. If that is the case, the driver could well be prosecuted.

Whatever the reason, we hope he learned a lesson, here.

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