BMW 730Ld review

Quick Spin: BMW 730Ld

You could spend a month in the latest BMW 7-Series and not learn what all the gadgets do. It fact, the 25 minutes I spent driving a heavily-optioned BMW 730Ld would probably only just about be long enough to re... please read on ......
Audi S8 Plus

Quick Spin: Audi S8 Plus

Ever since I first saw Ronin as an impressionable teenager I've loved the Audi S8. Partly because it was hugely fast and, as Larry the driver said "can shove a little." But mostly because it was just so goddam cool. The S8 is now into its third generation a... please read on ......
2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost review

Quick Spin: Rolls-Royce Ghost

There are three tenets of true luxury: comfort, quality and convenience. The Rolls-Royce Ghost obviously has the first two licked. It's more comfortable than bathing in double cream, is made from the finest mat... please read on ......
BMW M2 review

Quick Spin: BMW M2

After three minutes of driving the BMW M2, I developed a flutter in the pit of my stomach. The same flutter I get when I meet a girl I really like. The flutter that tells that here is someone special who's wort... please read on ......
Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

On Test: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

I'm immediately struck by the sheer size of the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4. In high-roof guise the Sprinter is already nine feet tall; add the extra ground clearance the 4x4 package brings, plus a bit more for the knobbly off-road tyres and it stands more than ten ... please read on ......
Jaguar XF 3.0d S review

Quick Spin: Jaguar XF 3.0d S

Jaguar pretty much invented the large, posh saloon as we know it 60 years ago when it launched the Mark 1 saloon. But ever since the Germans got in on the act, Jaguar hasn't had much of a look-in on the sales c... please read on ......