The car that sounds like….a duck!

Could car horn sound change?

NOISE experts in South Korea have revealed that a ‘less stressful’ car horn makes a QUACKING sound.

Don’t bother looking at the calendar, it’s not April 1.

Seriously, the device, which sounds like a synthesised duck, performed as well as a traditional honk but was less alarming to 100 testers.

The scientists based their new horn on the classic klaxon’s “ah-oo-gah” horn, introduced in 1908.

That is officially the way you write the sound of a car horn, apparently.

A duck yesterday - was unavailable for comment
A duck yesterday – was unavailable for comment

Prof Myung-Jin Bae, of Soongsil University in Seoul, South Korea, said: “Our klaxon can alert the pedestrians of the danger while also reducing the unpleasantness and stress of the sound.”

He told an acoustics conference in Boston, US, that the quack could also help road safety by being less distracting to drivers.

The volunteers evaluated sounds for qualities such as stress and loudness. The quack had the advantage of making a loud noise at low power.

So in the future you could be driving a car when someone starts throwing bits of bread at you.

The world has officially gone, yes, quackers.

Phil Lanning

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