Little Tikes car

Real life Little Tikes car

If you didn't have the iconic, bright red and yellow Little Tikes car when you were a kid, you probably knew someone who did. At least, if you're under 35. This writer didn't have one, but whenever I managed... please read on ......
V8 milk float

The V8 milk float

You don't see them any more, but back in the day, every British street would be visited by a milk float first thing in the morning. The whir of their electric motors was an integral element of the dawn chorus. ... please read on ......

On Test: MG6 GT 1.9 DTi

The original MG marque was in continuous use, except for the duration of the Second World War, for 56 years following its inception in 1924. The production of predominantly two-seater sports cars was concentrated at a factory in Abingdon, south of Oxford. T... please read on ......
Peugeot 208

On Test: Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi

“Apart from track days where do you get as much fun?” That’s kind of what my brain kept repeating each time I got behind the wheel of this sweet supermini. And that shouldn’t be, because everything about thi... please read on ......
Mercedes C220

On Test: Mercedes C220 BlueTEC

Opting for a Mercedes can be an obvious choice. This C-Class, for instance, can just about justify its asking price of just over £34,000, but it won't necessarily make you stand out in the car park. However, it's a much better and more elegant proposition t... please read on ......
2014 Toyota Yaris

On Test: Toyota Yaris 1.33 VVTi

If there’s one thing a Toyota is not, it’s bad quality. Everything is engineered to be bullet-proof and it’s constructed by perfectionists. You see, Toyota Europe convinced Toyota HQ to splash out on this fa... please read on ......