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Fancy buying a bonkers banger?

Want a new car, but something that has a bit of personality? Well, the charity bangers auction could be right up your street!
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For Sale: Ford Escort Gartrac G6

It's a Ford, Jim, but not as we know it. Do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a Gartrac G6? If you do, you'll need deep pockets!
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Save the manuals? Not for Ian…

Save the manuals? Ian Wright isn't too convinced. Read on to see what he has to say about the matter that has the internet split
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Bargain getaway cars, anyone?

Crime pays, apparently. We wouldn’t know, because we’re all really good and nice and WE DIDN’T STEAL A PACKET OF OPAL FRUITS FROM THE CORNER SHOP IN 1993, OKAY? Sorry. Repressed memory there. Anyway, yes, cr... please read on ......