Moray Callum

Callum: roadkill to roadthrill

AGED just nine, Moray Callum won first prize at a Dumfries library for drawing an otter. Now 49 years later he's still drawing admiring glances for his animal instincts. Only this time it's a Mustang of the ... please read on ......
BMW M5 in Need for Speed Payback 2017

BMW M5 unveiled in Need for Speed

HOW times have changed. At the start of this century cars were unveiled at motor shows with glamorous women standing next to them. Now they are revealed in a RACING GAME. The new BMW M5 2018 has been included in a trailer for the racing game Need for ... please read on ......
Grey is No1 for Ford

Ford’s nifty shades of grey

THE GOOD news is that the Just For Men can go back in the cupboard. Grey is officially cool! Well we know Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey is a smooth customer. Now A-list celebs like Rihanna a... please read on ......
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Big boy’s toy – LEGO Mustang

When we had Lego as a kid, we mostly ate it. Or lost many a 'two-er' to Mum's vacuum. These guys, however, created a Mustang.
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Video: Dyno Run Blows Tyre

There's nothing more off-putting than a rolling road. Yes, putting your car on the dyno is a great way to see what power it's making. But it's deeply unnerving to stood next to a car that going at full chat whi... please read on ......