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Fancy buying a bonkers banger?

Want a new car, but something that has a bit of personality? Well, the charity bangers auction could be right up your street!
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Electric Beetle – Buggin’ out on volts!

Yesterday we brought you news of a turbocharged Volkswagen Beetle that has cracked 200mph. Impressive stuff by all accounts. Now though, we're moving into a different spectrum of Beetle modification. Namely, one powered by electricity. Is it a new, cutting edg... please read on ......
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Fastest Beetle in all the land

We bet you that a yellow VW beetle can do 200mph. Don't believe us? Well, keep and reading and you'll be surprised...
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VW Sportline – The Fancy Van

In recent years the motoring populous has become very fond of the van. No longer is the chariot of choice for Trevor the plumber. No, it's ours, too. We like the space, we like the practicality and we like the ... please read on ......
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Video: Testing Times

Yes, we said "testing times" and yes this involves VW. But it has nothing to do with emissions. PUT THE DAILY MAIL EMAIL ADDRESS DOWN! What were are talking about, and watching - this is a video after all - is the footage taken during some tough testing. It... please read on ......