Crash tests are a vital, brutal aspect of the car industry. And they’re not just done on new cars.

Crash tests are carried out during research and development of everything from baby seats to crash barriers. And research goes on into how specific types of vehicle interact with each other in different kinds of crash. And then there’s NCAP.

In short, hundreds or even thousands of crash tests are carried out every year across the globe. And they’re always filmed from multiple angles so the impacts and the damage they cause can be analysed in minute detail.

That footage is often released for public viewing. It’s never pretty and many of the crashes staged in this compilation are particularly brutal. Towards the end, there are even some with an impact speed of 124mph! You can probably imagine the sort of devastation they cause.

Most of the tests here were carried by the Dynamic Test Center in Switzerland. We’re not sure exactly what they were trying to find out, but a lot of cars get destroyed. Including an ultra-rare Subaru SVX, which we’re not too happy about.

By Graham King