Child Seats

Parents sometimes put their young children at risk of serious or fatal injury by fitting the wrong type of car seats.

I know this because as a parent of three youngsters, I’ve met other mums and dads with toddlers who wrongly think that child seats should be chosen based on age – when in fact weight and height are the key factors.

Worryingly, many parents believe their child is ready to progress to a forward-facing seat at nine months of age – when the decision as to whether the toddler is ready for a forward-facing seat should be based on its weight.

Also it’s amazing how many parents don’t know the most appropriate model of seat for their vehicle and  it’s surprising how many child seats are improperly fitted, or the tot isn’t restrained due to loose safety belts.

Tragically, 5,000 children under 12 required medical aid and 214 were killed or seriously injured in UK road accidents in 2011, so I’d warn against buying child seats from websites which offer inadequate guidance and no fitting service.

My advice is to always have a seat fitted by a trained and competent fitter.

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