Chris Evans has given up on Top Gear

Chris Evans leaves Top Gear

So the first season of new look Top Gear is in the books. It had it’s good moments and not so good moments and  through it’s 6 episode run it did show potential. It will never reach the level of Clarkson, Hammond, and May, but it showed that with some tweaks it could become its own show and have its own voice. Some of you didn’t watch out of principal and some of you gave it a chance, but one thing we could all agree on was Chris Evans needed to go. He was undoubtedly the weak link. His over the top personality worked well on radio, but it did not work on Top Gear. As we predicted, his time on Top Gear is over! Evans took to Twitter today to announce he is officially done on Top Gear.

All praise Pistonious the Patron Saint of Petrolheads!!! Evans tenure on Top Gear was tenuous from the start. Evans clashed with his producers and the top brass at the BBC on a regular basis. Co-host Matt LeBlanc reportedly could not stand Evans and sources reported Evans’ controlling nature and temper alienated many involved with the show. The drama seemed to never stop.

Evans’ on air persona wasn’t much better. The ratings were not good and while new hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid were praised, Evans was blamed for the poor showing. It may sound harsh to dump all of the blame on one man, but in this case I think the blame is justly assigned. Evans was borderline unwatchable at times and had an uncomfortable air to his presentation style.

What the BBC does from here is not certain at this time. Frankly, I don’t think they should do anything. I happen to like the remaining cast. Sure Eddie Jordan is a bit of a wild card, but he didn’t have too much air time to begin with. Either way I think the core 4 of LeBlanc, Evans, Reid, and Schmitz should only get better as they get more time together.


Chris Evans leaves Top Gear
Chris Evans leaves Top Gear

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