Be Inspector Clouseau with Citroen classic

Citroen H Van

YOU wouldn’t think of a Citroen van being funny.

But the iconic H Van features in some of the most hilarious film clips ever as Inspector Clouseau rattles down a hill out of control and into a swimming pool in the Pink Panther classic.

Citroen H Van - Rear View
Citroen H Van – Rear View

The H van was in production from 1947 to 1981. But now you can get a true taste of that era.

Italian firm FC Automobili have built a modern-day H Van as a kit – essentially a set of fibreglass panels which are placed onto the parts of Citroen’s current van, the Relay.

Citroen H Van in gold
Citroen H Van in gold

So a van with all the mod cons of an economical diesel engine, safety kit but all the essence of a classic Citroen.

The transformations will be carried out by hand in Italy. And since the conversions are based on the current Citroen range with either a 110- or 160bhp engine, the 70th anniversary Type H will have no difficulty making its way through modern traffic.

Citroen H Van panels
Citroen H Van panels

Considering the old diesels in the original Type H produced between 51 and 56bhp while returning roughly 15 miles per gallon, this is a great way to go retro.

Only 70 kits will be made available. So get in quick and you can be Clouseau. Preferably without the out of control and swimming pool bits.

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