Clarkson Hammond and May brainstorm show titles

It’s been the burning question that’s been on the lips of petrolheads ever since Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May announced they were going to make a show for Amazon Prime: what on Earth will it be called?

Almost nine months since the deal was announced and at least five before the show is broadcast, we still don’t know. And neither, it seems, do Clarkson, Hammond and May.

But they are trying, as this video shows. Although the best they can come up with so far is The Still Very Much Untitled Clarkson Hammond May Amazon Prime Show Coming Autumn 2016. Which is rubbish.

Our cynical side thinks we’re being teed up for an announcement soon, or else they’re trying to keep the interest going whilst attention is diverted towards the fast-approaching new series of Top Gear.

Or you could simply enjoy the trio being funny. (Incidentally, do we count Hammond’s goatee as the fourth member of the team?)

By Only Motors

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