Clarkson, Hammond & May name show The Grand Tour

Nearly a year after signing the deal, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have announced that their big-budget car show on Amazon Prime will be called The Grand Tour.

The name also reveals something about the format of the show, as Clarkson tweeted: “So, the Grand Tour (GT for short) will come from a tent, which we will put up in a different location every week.”

Hammond added: “We’ve got a name. And it was bleeding obvious cos it’s what we’re doing: coming from a different place every week.”

May offered: “I still think ‘Nigel’ was a better name.”

Clarkson recently wrote about the difficulties in finding a name for the show, as most of the ideas the team came up with were either unusable or already under copyright. Internet chatter threw up dozens of possibilities, an early favourite being ‘Gear Knobs’.

Clarkson also noted that anything resembling Top Gear was off-limits. Though it won’t have gone unnoticed that the new show’s ‘GT’ initials are the reverse of ‘TG’; comment sections with be rife with speculation about that one…

The BBC suspended Clarkson from the most recent series of Top Gear after a ‘fracas’ with producer Oisin Tymon. It was decided his contract wouldn’t be renewed; Hammond, May and executive producer Andy Wilman also decided to leave a few weeks later. The team subsequently signed a 36-episode deal with Amazon Prime. The show is due to air this autumn.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the revamped 23rd series of Top Gear will air on 29 May.

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