Classic outing in Birmingham

Oh what we'd do for one of these...

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, look no further as we have a ‘must do’ event for any car nut. Yep, this weekend it’s time for the Classic Motor Show, held at the NEC in Birmingham. Hall upon halls filled to the brim with classic cars of all shames, eras and sizes? What’s not to love?

We’ve been going to this show for a number of years now. Why? Because we just don’t tire of it. There’s always something new and exciting to see. Friendly faces to catch up with and of course, motoring celebrities galore!

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See, something for everyone!

Classic Motor Show – Something for everyone!

So what can you expect to find? Well, first and foremost, there are the cars. And we’re talking about everything here. From classics that have been restored to the highest standard. Through to race cars of old. The of course there are the barn finds, which seem to exhibited more and more. Basically, there’s something to represent every aspect of the classic car world.

Not only is there out and out car porn (come on, you’re not going to tell us GT40 doesn’t make you weak at the knees?) there’s also everything else needed to live the classic car dream. From companies selling tools, restoration services, parts, it’s all there. Looking for a rare panel or fitting? There’s a good chance it’s here!

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Oh what we’d do for one of these…

Classic Motor Show – Meet the celebrities!

And as we mentioned, you can bump into your favourite people from the world of automotive television. Mike Brewer, Edd China, Fuzz Townshend and Ant Anstead will all be there. Though you might want to buy Ant a beer, as his nerves will be all over the place this weekend. After all, it’s the auction of the Lotus Elite he and his team restored on For The Love Of Cars! Once he’s settled his nerves, he and the others will be giving talks to the fans.

As motoring events go, the NEC Classic Motor Show is one of the best. Plus, it’s all indoors so weather isn’t a factor. The halls are vast and filled with something for everyone and there’s even a bar or two! Perfect day out for a gloomy November weekend? We think so. In fact, we made a film about it, which should get you excited!

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