Being British, I don’t fully understand drag racing. It’s great and all, but it’s just going in a straight line. But then again, maybe I don’t get it because we simply don’t do it hard and fast enough. You know, like the Americans. It’s a multi-million dollar industry over there, and they don’t mess about. speeds of upwards of 300mph are commonplace. But, those speeds mean that when it goes wrong, it goes wrong BIG. As Cruz Pendregon (coolest name ever) found out.

While hitting the throttle hard in his funny-car, the hard-edged race machine decided it wanted to be a plane instead. As air got under the body, the car lifted up. It shot down the track, wheels up, for at least 1,000 feet. After which, it slammed down and broke its front suspension. Cruz was a little sore, but otherwise okay. Unlike his underwear, probably.