Dangers posed by the use of new smart watches

i watch

We should all bear in mind the potential dangers posed by the use of new smart watches (iwatch) at the wheel.

Drivers need to be aware of the risks associated with the use of this technology when a vehicle is on the move, as they will typically require you to take at least one hand off the wheel, as well as distracting attention from the road ahead.

I’d even argue that this new technology could have a similar adverse impact on road safety as that of the mobile phone – a device that motorists have been banned from using without hands-free equipment for more than the last decade.

Published figures show that between 2006 and 2010, more than 110 fatal accidents on the UK’s roads could be attributed to individuals being distracted by mobile phones, and this latest technology could see this figure grow in the coming years if action isn’t now taken.

Indeed, the Department for Transport has stated it will issue a £100 fine to any driver found to be distracted at the wheel as a result of the use of smart watches, as per existing Crown Prosecution guidelines. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this will be a sufficient deterrent to their use.

An iWatch has the potential to be just as distracting as any other smartphone device. In some ways, more so if you have to take your hand off the wheel and your eyes off the road to interact with it.

Enforcement will be difficult for the police, but powers exist to seize and analyse devices in the event of a serious crash. When you think about it, the very device that distracted you also has the power to convict you.

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