Dragster engine tear-down and rebuild

A Top Fuel dragster can do a quarter mile in four-point-something seconds, crossing the finish line at 320mph plus.

Doing that needs a mahoosive V8 engine, running on methanol and producing somewhere in the order of 7,000bhp. Driving one must feelĀ likeĀ being strapped to the front of an explosion.

More than that, the engines operate right at the limit of internal combustion’s capabilities. Running at full power, even for just a few seconds, pretty much destroys the motor.

So, between each run, the engine needs stripping down and rebuilding. As such, the mechanics need to get the process down to a fine art, especially when a car could do four or five runs in a day.

This video shows the Gumout/Dote Racing team tear-down and rebuild their Top Fuel dragster engine during an NHRA meeting in the States. It’s weirdly beautiful.

Video via Youtube/thegumoutchannel

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