Drifting Ferrari 488 stars in baffling oil ad

We’ve seen the Ferrari 488 GTB described as a ‘junior’ supercar, which seems pretty laughable. With 665bhp, 560lb/ft, a 202mph top speed and terrier-like handling, it is by any measure one of the fastest cars on sale right now. Certainly faster than the hallowed F40, arguably the original hypercar – that’s what 30 years of progress does.

Anyway, here’s a lovely and – so far as we can tell – completely meaningless film of a bright yellow 488 hooning around, driven by a mystery man wearing leather driving gloves. It seems to be an advert for oil company Pennzoil, a technical partner of Ferrari – who knew? Well, you do now you’ve seen this.

Aha – we’ve hit upon the point.

Aside from being hard to decipher, we have only one complaint: the heavily mixed, almost synthesised noise the 488 produces. We know it exhales through a pair of turbos, but if there’s one aspect of the 488 that doesn’t need any post-production trickery, it’s the exhaust note.

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