Driver with 40 points has no license says IAM

A man from Lewisham, London has racked up 40 penalty points for driving offences despite having never held a driving license.

This astonishing case was brought to light by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), following a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA for the 20 highest points holders.

The man was given points on six occasions for speeding in a 30mph zone and a further six counts of driving without insurance.

The second-placed non-license holder is a man from Stockport, Cheshire who has 33 points speeding and failing to disclose the identity of the driver.

A Liverpool man, with a full driving license, tops the list with 45 points for speeding and failing to disclose the identity of the driver. The man from Lewishman lies second overall and a women from Blackburn is third with 38 points for 10 speeding offences.

The highest number of individual offences is 15, committed by a man from Great Yarmouth. His tally is one count of speeding, eight of failing to disclose the identity of the driver, two of driving without insurance and one of driving without due care and attention. Mercifully, he is currently disqualified from driving.

IAM Chief Executive, Sarah Sillars, said: “It’s been three years since the IAM raised this issues with the DVLA, but we still have drivers on the road with multiple points allocated to them.

“Now we discover that some of them have never held any kind of driving license. We all have to share the road with these unqualified, uninsured and dangerous drivers.

“We need to punish offenders as well as give them the opportunity to change their ways. Offenders are unlikely to drive legally if they face a ban or points on their license as soon as they pass their test,” she added.

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