Drivers reveal their biggest road hates

Drivers reveal unmanned roadwork hate

DRIVERS have revealed that UNMANNED roadworks are their biggest annoyances.

Researchers from Transport Focus interviewed 2,000 drivers across the country about their experiences on motorways and major A roads in England, the network managed by Highways England.

They found that though overall satisfaction was high, drivers were infuriated by roadworks where nothing ever seems to be done and no reason is given for digging up the carriageway or closing lanes.

The report notes that the problem is getting worse with a rating of 63 per cent satisfaction, down on 72 per cent in 2013-14.

One motorist told researchers: “There were no signs to say there were roadworks, the cones were out but no-one was working.

“We see this every night and no one is ever working.”

Another said: “Nothing telling you when the roadworks will be completed and they have gone on for a year.”

Drivers reveal unmanned roadwork hate
Drivers reveal unmanned roadwork hate

Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of Transport Focus, said: “Users want journey times that are predictable.

“Delays caused by roadworks, congestion and accidents can undermine that.

“Satisfaction with journey times on motorways has decreased in the last six years, no doubt increasing traffic levels and roadworks to deliver extra capacity have played a part.

“When it comes to satisfaction with roadworks on motorways, the key message from users is that they perceive a lack of urgency to complete roadworks, seeing miles of cones without anyone working.”

The independent transport user watchdog covers bus and rail passengers as well as road users.

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