Terrifying new phone driving stats

Driving on phone

USING a mobile phone at the wheel increases a driver’s chances of being killed in a crash by 100 TIMES, a new survey has revealed.

UK mobile phone driving laws dictate it is illegal to use your mobile phone behind the wheel.

Remarkably, despite the stricter laws introduced earlier this year many motorists still continue to use their phone while in control of a vehicle.

Traffic cops in the UK have penalised almost 6,000 motorists for the offence in the four weeks after the new fines were introduced.

Motorists who flout this rule can land themselves a fine of £200 and up to six penalty points on their licence. If the case goes to court, the fine can spiral to as much as £1,000.

And now even further frightening new research from research group Zendrive might hopefully make drivers think twice before picking up their smartphone while driving.

Incredible new driving on phone stats
Incredible new driving on phone stats

Zendrive conducted a three-month analysis of three-million anonymous US drivers, making up 570-million trips and covering 5.6billion miles – the equivalent distance of travelling to the sun and back 30 times.

Of the journeys observed, US drivers used their phones in 88 out of 100 journeys. Incredibly in 88 PER CENT of the trips analysed, a driver was on their smartphone.

Zendrive revealed that taking your eyes of the road for just two-seconds increases your chance of a collision by up to 20 times.

What is most chilling is the frequency of accidents that can occur because of this. The study says “that’s equivalent to 105 opportunities an hour that you could  nearly kill yourself and/or others.”

At 55mph taking your eyes of the roads for just two seconds is enough time to travel the length of two basketball courts.

Jason Wakeford, spokesman for road safety charity Brake, said: “Using a mobile behind the wheel is illegal and incredibly dangerous.

“The effect of the distraction caused by using phones while driving has been shown to be worse than drinking certain amounts of alcohol.

“No call or message is worth a life and we urge drivers not to make calls, read or text when driving by putting phones on silent and out of reach.”

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