E-Type-based Eagle Spyder GT revealed

What’s an Eagle Spyder GT then?

The last in a trilogy of ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive Jaguar E-Type-based specials built by the world’s best specialist in the model, Eagle. It follows on from the stunning Speedster and Low Drag GT, combining the best elements of the two.

What do I need to know?

The Speedster, the first model in the series, was a complete re-imagining of the drop-top E-Type roadster, as a stripped-out road racer with tenacious handling and an operatic soundtrack. Somewhat ironically, the Low Drag GT looked like a carbon copy of Malcolm Sayer’s groundbreaking Low Drag E-Type racer, but was much more luxurious than the Speedster. The Spyder GT combines both previous cars, with the styling of the Speedster and the touring ability of Low Drag GT.

It is an exquisitely beautiful thing, the Spyder GT. Though based around an original car, it is almost entirely new, with an all-aluminium body that maintains the iconic proportions and silhouette of the E-Type, but is stretched, pulled and reshaped in every detail. Likewise the interior, though still a sea of leather, aluminium and toggle switches, is completely remade. It even has a proper hood.

The Spyder GT is completely bespoke, the buyers determining the exact spec of their car, including the engine. Eagle offers a huge range of upgrades from lightly modified original motors to brand-new, all-aluminium, fuel-injected powerhouses. We reckon it would be rude not to go for the powerful engine possible, if only for the noise.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the exact spec, but you’ll have to write a cheque for at least half a million pounds.

When can I buy one?

Eagle is taking orders now, but you better be quick as only a very small handful will be built.

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