Electric Beetle – Buggin’ out on volts!

Yesterday we brought you news of a turbocharged Volkswagen Beetle that has cracked 200mph. Impressive stuff by all accounts. Now though, we’re moving into a different spectrum of Beetle modification. Namely, one powered by electricity. Is it a new, cutting edge model? Nope, it’s actually a classic version jam packed with batteries. The electric Beetle – clever stuff indeed.

Electric Beetle – tech meets retro

Built by Electric Classic Cars, this electric Beetle is now 100% electric power. It’s one environmentally friendly machine. Furthermore, the modern electrics mean it’s more powerful than it ever would have been in standard form. Then there’s the fact it needs no tuning, just charge it up and go for up to 100 miles. Happy days!

The company can build you anything you like, too. Providing your pockets are deep enough. The future of classic cars? Very possibly.

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