X-rated Elextra is pure car porn


WHAT would Benny Hill make of this?

He was Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West way back in 1971.

Blimey, that record was a dreadful.

Once upon a time so were electric cars – mainly boxy, made of tin foil, glorified milk floats.

Now look at them.

This latest Swiss-made Elextra is simply jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly stunning.

In the same week that the electric NIO EP9 broke the Nurburgring lap record, now comes another beauty.

It’s about time that Switzerland built something decent apart from Toblerones and watches.

New Elextra electric supercar
New Elextra electric supercar

Every which way you look at it, it’s metal porn.

It has a jet fighter arrow rear wing, humungous front and rear doors. It’s like a dream supercar my eight-year-old son Bailey would draw.

Underneath the superhero comic book exterior, the power figures are also outrageous.

They claim it will hit 62mph in just 2.3 seconds making it quicker than Faraday and Tesla. Its top speed is limited to 155mph, no doubt to help maximise the range figure, which is also stated to be 373 miles.

New Elextra electric supercar
New Elextra electric supercar

No prices yet but don’t expect much change from £250,000. You also get a free Toblerone. So we are told.

But don’t expect that sort of range if you are maxing out at 155mph!

Just imagine how much milk Ernie could have delivered at that speed…

Phil Lanning

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