F1 in pit-to-car radio clampdown

Formula 1 chiefs have announced that they will be clamping down on pit-to-car radio communications from the next race in Singapore.

With the advent of softer tyres and fixed fuel loads this season, engineers have been feeding the drivers a constant stream of performance data throughout the races.

From Singapore on, race stewards will strictly enforce Article 20.1 of F1’s sporting code, which states: “The driver must drive the car alone and unaided.”

As such, the teams will not be allowed to tell their drivers that they are putting too much strain on the tyres through a particular corner, tell them where the car in front is faster, or any other information that directly influences performance.

The change also clarifies the interpretation of Article 8.5.2 of the technical regulations, which bans pit-to-car data transmission.

Discussions about strategy, safety and general encouragement will still be allowed. Whether or not Jock Clear’s deeply annoying “it’s Hammer Time” calls to Lewis Hamilton will be banned remains to be seen.



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