Factory 275bhp upgrade for Ford Focus ST

With hot hatch power outputs getting ever closer to the 300bhp mark, the measly 247bhp offered by the Ford Focus ST is starting to look a bit, well, measly.

Of course, Ford itself is rectifying the situation with the 345bhp Focus RS, but that isn’t due for another year or so. Plus it’ll probably cost 30 grand or more.

Fortunately, for those that can’t wait that long and/or don’t have that kind of cash handy, you can now get a faster Focus ST fresh from the showroom.

No, Ford hasn’t sneaked out an upgraded ST without anyone noticing. But factory-approved tuning specialist Mountune has developed a package that ups the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine’s output to 275bhp and 296lb/ft of torque. That’s in America, where petrol is about as strong as washing up liquid. On the high-octane juice we have in Europe, there should be a fair bit more than that. 0-62mph will take well under six seconds.

The kit includes a free-breathing induction kit, bigger intercooler and the ECU has been remapped to give more aggressive power delivery. In other words, it’s even more lairy. Which can only be a good thing.

Best of all, the MP275 upgrades can be fitted to a brand-spanking-new Focus ST – as a dealer-fit option – without affecting the warranty. Or to an older car, either from a Ford dealer or Mountune retailer. Either way, the kit costs £1,195 – plus fitting which takes a couple of hours.

That seems like very good value, considering it takes performance into Renaultsport Megane and Astra VXR territory.

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