The internet is a great place to find footage from behind the scenes. Something you can see here in this video. What we have is a chap who stumbles upon a yard full of wrecked cars. Nothing special about that, right? Actually, it’s very special indeed. Because they’re from Fast 8.

The cars are stunt vehicles used in the latest Fast and Furious movie, Fast 8. And needless to say, they’ve all had a pretty rough time of things, because it’s Fast and Furious. Lots of Jeeps, a Fiat 500 Abarth, taxis, a Lamborghini replica, they’re all there. And they’re all wrecked.  But we expect that from a franchise like this. Plus, it’s Universal’s money, so they can do with it what they please. Though that’s of little comfort to the man filming, as he’s clearly upset by the automotive carnage before him. Get over it, chief. It’s just a film.