Fast van makes car crash on Nurburgring

The great thing about tourist laps at the Nurburgring Nordschleife is that you can take pretty much any vehicle that fits through the width restriction onto the track.

Vans do fit, so it’s hardly surprising that quite a lot take to the Green Hell. In many ways they’re the ideal vehicle for it; slow and relatively stable they can go absolutely flat-out without getting into any real trouble.

Which brings us to this footage of a white Fiat Ducato bearing down on an on-the-limit Citroen Saxo. The van isn’t going any faster, but weighing two tonnes means its less skittish than the flyweight hatchback.

Van looming large in his mirrors, Saxo man overcooks it and spins into the barriers. Which must have been an embarrassing story to tell his mates in the pub afterwards. “Yeah, err, a van made me do it…”

Video via Youtube/AutomobilchannelNordschleifeVideosinHD

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