Ferrari F12 Speciale spotted undisguised

These are the first images of an undisguised prototype Ferrari F12 Speciale, expected to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

The images first surfaced on social media and appear to show the car at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

As the name suggests, the F12 Speciale is Ferrari’s already slightly bonkers two-seater GT supercar with the volume turned up to 12. It is understood the Speciale’s 6.2-litre V12 will produce as much as 760bhp – an increase of 30bhp – while weight has been cut by up to 200kg, down to around 1,430kg.

If true, that means the F12 Speciale will have a power-to-weight ratio of well over 500bhp per tonne. Which is preposterous, in a very good way.

The F12 is rear-wheel-drive only, which will make converting all that power into forward motion an… interesting experience. Even so, the 0-62mph time could well start with a two. The standard F12 is limited to 211mph and it’s unlikely the Speciale will be any faster, due to the extra drag from the comprehensively revised aero package.

That aero package is clearly visible here. There is a revised channel in the front wing, while at the back there are vents in the top of the rear wing and a pronounced rear spoiler – almost a ‘Kamm tail’ – both inspired by the legendary 250 GTO. This being Ferrari, though, neither would be there if they didn’t work. The F12 Speciale will no doubt generate pretty significant downforce.

It isn’t yet known exactly how Ferrari has shaved those 200 kilos from the F12, but lightweight composite body panels are a given and the interior will no doubt be shorn of all but the essentials.

The chassis set up and traction control/driver aids will be retuned to cope, but whichever way you slice it, the Speciale will be a balistically raw driving experience.

And a last hurrah. The F12 Speciale will probably be the last new Ferrari powered by a naturally-aspirated engine. In future, all 12-cylinder Ferraris will use a hybrid powertrain, while the V8s have already switched to turbos.

Prices are expected to be in the same £300,000 range as the Speciale’s only real rival, the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Super Veloce. Which is a big chunk of money, but might actually be good value for a car that probably won’t be that much slower than the £1 million-plus LaFerrari.

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