New Ferrari Portofino hits Top Gear

New Ferrari Portofino

SO we now have a Ferrari named after a Top Gear location…

Yep, the world famous Prancing Horse have revealed today the Portofino, an open-top redesign of the California T.

Portofino was also featured in 2008 for Top Gear as Richard Hammond, in a Ferrari Daytona raced James May in a carbon fibre powerboat from Portofino to St Tropez in France.

It makes its public debut on September 6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But when a new Ferrari is unveiled it’s always a landmark moment, time for fanfares, it’s a special occasion.

This is no different.

The new GT will be powered by the twin-turbo V8 from the 488 GTB supercar, now delivering 591bhp.

As you will expect, this makes it very quick, giving it a 0-62mph sprint time of 3.5 seconds a rumoured 200+mph top speed.

In addition to the hefty powertrain sitting under the bonnet the car is significantly lighter than the California T.

The car’s redesigned body structure is more robust, rigid and lighter, as it is now built with an aluminium chassis.

New Ferrari Portofino
New Ferrari Portofino

Handling should also be improved on the car with the third-generation electronic rear differential having being added its specs.

According to Ferrari the car will also surprisingly return 26.9mpg combined, which is equal to the new BMW M5.

I’d like to see the Portofino achieve that figure if you drive it like you stole it – as you have to with a Ferrari.

It’s also a great deal easier on the eye than the California T. The Portofino is a far more sleeker, cleaner and crisp design. And adds a huge dollop of aggression as a Ferrari should have.

Plus it now has full LED headlights, side air intakes to improve air flow, and new circular rear lights.

Inside the car a new 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system has been fitted alongside a new  D-shaped steering wheel, redesigned seat and air conditioning.

The design team has also worked extensively on the car’s roof to reduce wind noise inside the cabin.

So after a Top Gear location-named Ferrari. What next?

The Lamborghini Dunsfold Aerodrome?

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