Here’s a pretty graphic demonstration of the strength of modern race cars. And the stupidity of some modern racing drivers.

This enormous crash happened last weekend during a GT Tour race at Nogaro in France. Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 driver Sascha Bottemanne lines up an overtake on a slower car approaching a corner, taking the inside line. The other car gives him plenty of room, but for some reason Bottemanne turns into the side of his opponent.

The impact sends Bottemanne careering towards the concrete barrier, which the Ferrari hits an undiminished speed (we reckon at least 120mph). The impact completely destroys the front of the car, and a another impact breaks most of the rear.

Bottemanne escapes from the wreckage within seconds of it coming to rest – through the windscreen – limping and winded but apparently otherwise fine. But since it was entirely his own fault, we can’t locate any sympathy for him.

As for the other car so needlessly assaulted by Bottemanne, it survived the incident completely unscathed. We only speculate about the condition of the driver’s underwear, though.

By Only Motors