The FF Is dead: here’s the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso

What’s a Ferrari GTC4Lusso then?

A mid-life facelift of the four-seater FF, with revised styling, more power, four-wheel-steering, drift-on-demand and an incomprehensible new name.

What do I need to know?

Under the bonnet, an extra 30bhp has been wrung from the 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12, making a total of 680bhp, joined by 514lb/ft of torque. 80% of the twist is available from just 1,750rpm, with the maximum coming in at 6,000rpm. About where the exhaust really starts to howl. Lovely.

Coupled to an ultra-fast, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and four-wheel-drive, the GTC4Lusso fires from 0-62mph in 3.4secs, a whole half-second quicker than the FF. Top speed remains unchanged at 208mph, but that’s plenty in a car with a boot big enough for a labrador.

Alongside the mind-bogglingly complex 4WD system, Ferrari has managed to fit in the F12’s four-wheel-steering and the latest Side Slip Control from the 488 GTB. Should be a hoot to sling down a country road, then. Even if its 16-foot length and near-two tonne heft suggest otherwise. Ferrari does seem to have a way of bending physics, these days…

Styling changes are limited but noticeable, particularly the quad tail lights. The grille and front wing vents are new too, as are the rear spoiler and diffuser, both of which improve the car’s drag coefficient significantly.

The interior hasn’t gone untouched either, a 10.25in HD touchscreen being added alongside and new steering wheel that promises better ergonomics. Still has the indicator buttons on it, though, which will never work.

Anything else?

The GTC and Lusso elements of the new name hark back to some of the greatest grand tourers in Ferrari’s back catalogue; ‘4’ represents the number of seats. Expect everyone to simply refer to it as ‘the GTC’.

When can I buy one?

Later this year, following its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

How much will it cost?

Unlikely to be much less than £250,000; add paint and a few options, you’re probably looking at the thick end of 300 grand.

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