The Fiat and Porsche lovechild!

Fiat and Porsche lovechild

IF there was a Love Island for cars, this is what would happen if a Fiat 500 and Porsche 911 got together.

End result, the oddest motoring lovechild.

This is the Fiat 911, or the Porsche 500. Take your pick.

But this is not a photoshop job, it’s genuinely been built by someone in Greece.

That’s not John Travolta and co from the 70s classic film.

There is nothing Grease Lightning about this creation although it is curiously quite cute.

Fiat and Porsche lovechild
Fiat and Porsche lovechild

It’s been revealed on the Facebook page ‘How not to design a car’, and is probably one of the more reasonable efforts.

One question has not been asked or answered. Why?

This comes in the same week that someone has built a very odd ugly Bugatti Veyron kit car which is now upto £65,000 on Ebay.

Has the world gone mad?

Anyway, please comment below or on our Facebook with pictures of your kit car efforts.

They surely can’t be worse than this?

Phil Lanning

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