Fiat Tipo only gets three stars…

Car safety is an important matter. We all want to drive a car safe in the knowledge that we’re protected should the worst happen. The prospect of anything less simply won’t do. The manufacturers know this, so they make safety a priority when it comes to designing a car. Well, most of them do. It seems Fiat didn’t put at the top of the list, as the new Tipo goes to prove.

After being mercilessly slammed into a wall at 64km/h, the Tipo buckled in an alarming manner. This resulted in the car only being awarded three stars out of a potential five. Most new cars achieve five stars with ease, with only smaller companies from around the globe getting anything less. For a big player like Fiat to score so low really is quite shocking.

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You’re better off walking…

The report by Euro NCAP stated that adult occupant safety was rated at 82%, while child occupant was just 60%. In comparison, the Focus scored 92% and 82% respectively. That’s a big leap. And one that could sway people to avoid the Fiat dealership when looking for their next car.

The other consideration is that a low score means bad things when a higher-rated car hits it. A five-star car, such as the Focus, would demolish a three star car. Driving the lower rated car would put you in a great deal of danger given the vast number of newer cars on the road.

Of course there’s an element of chaos when it comes to crashing. not every crash is carried out in a lab. Not every crash is severe. However, that’s not Fiat’s call to make. When competitors are building five star cars with ease, so should Fiat. The car might be one of the cheaper options, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of safety.

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