Fooled by fake news?

Mclaren Feathers Car

DONALD TRUMP would have a lot to say about the car industry today. It’s been ALL fake news.

Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day and cue a ton of amusing, outrageous and downright stupid stories emanating from the car industry.

We’ve seen supercars with feathers, in-car suntanning and even Castle Combe racetrack moving from England to Scotland. Yes we are sure you didn’t fall for that one earlier.

Here’s our quickfire round-up…

BMW Fake News

BMW came up with the dDrive dog basket which included a fan to mimic the feeling a dog gets when it sticks its head out of car’s window.

Mclaren Fake News

McLAREN announced the Feather Wrap consisting of 10,000 artificial, carbon-veined feathers – as an option on the McLaren 570GT model. Taking over 300 hours to assemble by hand, the British car maker claimed that the unusual feature would provide aerodynamic benefits and add just 2.5kg to the weight of the car.

Where did they pluck that from?

Lexus Fake News

LEXUS boasted technology that, at the touch of a button, could move fellow motorists out of your motorway lane if they were going slower than you.

We liked that one and really wished it was real.

Hyundai Fake News

HYUNDAI’S creative team have been drinking too much coffee.The Korean firm touted its Click to Fly scheme under which customers can supposedly purchase their vehicle on Hyundai’s Click to Buy website and have it delivered in under two hours by a team of airborne ‘Hy-drones’.

The drones, which Hyundai are powered by its Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, arrive through the sky with your new Hyundai slung underneath in a big box and plonk it onto your driveway before lowering the key into your hand.

Honda Fake News

HONDA announced their ‘H-Swipe’ in-car dating app, which claims to help those singledoms to “find love at the wheel”.

Activated when the car is stationary, the software utilises a digital windscreen to present the driver with nearby suitors, which are either accepted or rejected by using the wipers to swipe profiles to the left or to the right. That’s one way of occupying time in a traffic jam…

Dacia Sunbed Fake News

DACIA came up with a new ‘Sundero’ – a car equipped with UV tanning tubes which convert every seat into a sunbed. That’s their hottest model yet.

MG Fake News

MG tried to fool us with the voice controlled emoji windscreen. It uses MG Inter-Car Emoji technology or MICE, giving MG customers the opportunity to proudly inform friends and acquaintances that their car has MICE.

The suspicious windscreen tech uses LED technology in the car’s front and rear windscreens to allow the driver to communicate with other road users through the medium of emoji.

Sad face.

Skoda Fake News

SKODA revealed their ‘rent-a-family’ test-drive service.

The Czech firm advertised the offer by claiming they could provide “crayon-wielding kids, insolent infants and talkless teens” for that authentic test-drive experience.

The stand-ins would be trained to deliver common phrases such as ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘I need the toilet’ at regular intervals, and Skoda even promised the option of a travel-sick dog as part of the package.

Man Truck and Bus Fake News

Ice Cream Van

COMMERCIAL vehicle chiefs as MAN Truck & Bus UK showed a special vehicle ‘Ice Cream MAN’ to be released “on the sundae” before the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show. It comes with 99 special features….

Now that Mr Trump, really is flake news.

What do you think?

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