IS this Ford Capri lovely jubbly?

This classic old coupe has been given a wacky facelift to rival Del Boy’s famous green and leopard-print interior “Pratmobile” from hit 80s TV show Only Fools and Horses.

It gets a outrageous purple paintjob and even has a retro cocktail bar fitted in the back with spirits, glasses and ice buckets.

The ultimate saloon bar is the brainchild of car-nut Dave Moon who bought his Capri more than 40 years ago.

Dave, 60, paid just £415 for the motor in 1976, trading in his old Hillman Minx – and it could now be worth over £25,000.

Over the decades the Capri has had a variety of paintjobs and bodykits including tributes to Starsky & Hutch and Mickey Mouse.

The cocktail bar is stocked with bottles of Cointreau, Malibu, Taboo and Cognac, glasses, an ice bucket and two optics.

The rest of the interior is completely adorned in garish frilly pink acrylic, which continues the 70s vibe.

Current exterior mods include chrome side exhausts, flared arches over the wheels, a scoop on the bonnet, air vents on the side and a beer barrel petrol tank.

Classic Ford Capri

Classic Ford Capri

Dave, a retired salesman and pet shop owner from Tonypandy in the Rhondda Valley, Wales, has done almost of the customisation himself – self-training in mechanics, welding and painting.

He said: “The Capri is my life’s work – it’s a work of art and I’m proud of it.

“People always ask me if I’d sell it and someone even offered me £25,000 once.

“But then I think about every respray, modification, bit of welding and tune-up I’ve done over the past 40 years – how could I put a price on that?

“I used to keep receipts of everything I’d spent on it but over the years I’ve lost track.

“And God knows how many hours I’ve spent working on it.”

“I installed the bar in the seventies. There isn’t much space in the back and when I took out the seats I thought ‘what can I put in there?’

“I just had the idea in my head, went out and bought the things I needed from DIY stores and started building it. It took a couple of weeks.

“I didn’t really plan it out, I just thought if it doesn’t work I can always tear it out and start again.”

Dave’s Capri has been featured on the popular blog Forever Cars, which follows the personal stories of car enthusiasts who have owned their vehicles for 20 years or more.