THE GOOD news is that the Just For Men can go back in the cupboard.

Grey is officially cool!

Well we know Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey is a smooth customer.

Now A-list celebs like Rihanna and Cara Delevinge have dyed their barnets grey and ‘Granny Hair’ is a real thing with more than a quarter of a million posts on Instagram.

Now grey is the apparently the biggest thing in the car world – certainly for Ford customers anyway.

It’s now the biggest-selling car colour choice for Blue Oval customers in Europe, overtaking white as the No1.

Ford have eight types of grey colour in their paintjob palette right now and apparently have had 50 shades of grey since the early 90s.

Grey Ford Mustang Fastback

Grey Ford Mustang Fastback

Julie Francis, Ford’s colour and material design manager, says: “We identified grey as a ‘trend colour’– one that has a shorter lifespan than core paints developed around silver, black and white – but even we’re surprised at how popular it’s become.

“Grey is a great untapped colour, offering new ways to be cool and different in the modern age and that makes it exciting and something people are prepared to pay extra for.”

Colour psychology expert Karen Haller even believes that political upheaval around the world drives buyers to choosing their colour of car.

She said: “When there is a level of insecurity and uncertainty – as we have seen following the U.S. elections and Brexit – we tend to retreat and gravitate towards things that make us safe, which is why grey is so popular.

“This trend has really taken off because it is also a colour that recedes, allowing for more vibrant colours to take centre stage. It really depends on your outlook.

“For me, there’s already enough grey in the world – so I love to surround myself with the joy of colour.”

Laurie Pressman, vice-president of the Pantone Colour Institute added: “Thoughtful and contemplative, grey is the colour of intellect. We refer to the grey matter of brain and mind and thereby associate grey with representing a striving for truth, knowledge and wisdom.”

Excellent news. My old age and grey hair is officially intellectual. Happy days.

Phil Lanning