Ford to show 900hp EcoBoost Mustang at SEMA

Ford Mustang Fastback by Bisimoto: This "BisiBoost" Mustang is the most powerful of the Mustangs on display and by far the meanest looking. As mentioned before, with 900hp it triples the power of the standard EcoBoost Mustang. Bisimoto themselves designed 14 new parts for the engine and chassis with a host of other companies chiming in to create a car that should probably be running in GTLM/GTE Pro class racing.

SEMA is closing in fairly quickly and a number of manufacturers are teasing and previewing their modified vehicles. Ford have now previewed each of the eight Mustangs they will be presenting at the tuner show in Las Vegas next month with one in particular headlining the lineup.

Bisimoto are the tuners behind the stealth black Mustang which features Ford’s turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost engine. While for some the EcoBoost engine may sound incredibly boring, this is no ordinary engine.

The turbocharged EcoBoost engine in the Bisimoto Mustang has been tuned to the absolute maximum to deliver a ridiculous 900 horsepower. The power comes courtesy of probably the longest list of engine modifications in the history of motoring.

The official press release states 30 modifications to the powertrain alone and that’s before any other modifications to the chassis take the numbers even higher. Chassis, interior and exterior modifications take the total number to 46 and that’s if I’ve counted properly.

The 900hp of the Bisimoto Mustang triples the power of the standard EcoBoost Mustang and headlines as the most powerful Mustang that Ford are taking to SEMA.

All in all the eight Mustangs Ford are showcasing as SEMA combine to produce over 4,000hp. Most of which feature the downsized 2.3L EcoBoost engine which has been modified by each tuning company.

Take a look through the photo gallery to get the lowdown on each of the eight Mustangs that only cover a small percentage of Ford’s 50 car lineup that will be on display at SEMA.

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