Gallery: all the cars of 2006

I’m continually told I’m an encyclopedia of car knowledge, but I have to confess that I was struggling think of a single car launched 10 years ago in 2006.

Turns out it was, in fact, a very busy year with no less than 48 new cars going on sale in the UK. But my memory block was perhaps justified. Though there were plenty of good, even class-leading cars introduced in ’06, they were immersed in a sea of mediocrity. For every Ford S-MAX there’s at least three Dodge Calibers. Rarely have so many actively bad cars gone on sale in one year. Mercifully, many of the 2006 influx didn’t last very long and were immediately forgotten.

Click through the gallery below to see all the cars of 2006 and wonder at the dross that sometimes slips through cracks. And take some comfort that a few car manufacturers always know what they’re doing.

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