For Sale: Ford Escort Gartrac G6

If you know your motorsport, you’ll know about Gartrac. The company has been responsible for a lot of fabrication in the motoring world for decades. Probably because they’re really rather good at it. A case in point was the Mk3 Escort, or the G6 in Gartrac’s mind. It was a wide-arched, angry-looking machine built to take on the stages. It was also rear-wheel drive. The drivers of the Mk2 were upset that the Mk3 was front-wheel drive, so Gartrac stepped in. And we’re glad they did.

Needless to say, most of Gartrac’s offerings ended up blatting through the forest at none-too-safe speeds. However, a lucky few did find their way to the road. And that’s what we have here. And, quite simply, it’s brilliant. Oh, and it’s for sale. Though be warned, it’s not cheap.

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So ’80s it hurts

Gartrac G6 – Rally for the road

The car is one of 30 road-going examples that were built. Road cars weren’t really Gartrac’s business, but given the success of the rally car, it was worth a shot. Sadly though, as the cars on the stages continued to get wrapped around rocks/trees/spectators, the road cars were re-appropriated for competition use. So basically, this car is pretty damn rare.

So what do you have? Well, there’s top-notch fabrication to the shell thanks to the talented MIG monkeys at Gartrac. The big aluminium box arches still, thankfully, remain too. Inside it’s normal clobber from a sporty Escort of the time. No Recaros or anything though. Looks to be simply XR3 trim to us (though we could be wrong, calm down, Internet). It’s all very humble and basic. The paint is a simple red and the wheels are when you’d find on a 2.8i Capri of the time.

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Humble, but charming

Gartrac G6 – Capri killer

And why is it a Capri killer? Because it’s full of a Capri 2.8i’s oily bits, that’s why. Engine, five-speed transmission, brakes, suspension, axle, wheels.. all from a Capri that never was. But we’ll forgive the G6, because it’s so damn cool. Plus, a 2.8i Capri was hardly a slouch, so in a small escort is should go rather well indeed. It had (when new) 160bhp and 163lb ft, meaning it could hit 60 in 6.8 seconds. Impressive.

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That’s not a Capri…

Gartrac G6 – Get your wallet out

And now this rare, fascinating and possibly unique car could be yours. It’s going under the hammer with Anglia Car Auctions for their November classic car auction. Though do be warned, this two owner, 37,000 mile rarity has an estimate of £38-45,000. That’s a lot of dough, but it’s money well spent, surely? You’re probably not going to see another. And, given the increasing value of old Fords, this has to be a solid investment, right?

What do you think?

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