Geneva Motor Show: best (and worst) supercars

Bugatti Chiron - Regardless of what anyone else brings to the table, for most people son-of-Veyron is the ultimate supercar. Quad-turbo 8.0 W16 engine makes 1479bhp and 1180lb/ft. 4WD means 0-62mph in 'less than' 25s and 0-186mph in 'less than' 13.6s. Limited to 261mph in production spec, but 270mph targeted for road car record attempt. All-new carbonfibre monocoque as rigid as that in an LMP1 racer, ultra-sophisticated aero and cooling, carbon silicon carbide brakes, more interior space and tweeters with a diamond membrane. Not surprisingly, it costs £1.9m.

We have a suspicion that this year’s Geneva Motor Show saw more new supercars unveiled than any other in the event’s history.

While Bugatti, Koenigsegg – and indeed Arash – battled over the title ‘world’s most powerful production car’, a new trend emerged: mega-power electric supercars. There seemed to be dozens of them, mostly concepts but they may well inform what the next generation of bedroom wall poster stars are like.

Here, Only Motors present the best and worst supercars on display at Geneva. We’ll leave you to make up your own mind which camp each one belongs in.

By Only Motors

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