Girls ditch romance for motors!

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OVER HALF of female drivers would ditch their hopes of love to keep their car!

Young drivers are making major sacrifices to cover the cost of motoring with over half of female drivers aged 17-25 admitting they would ditch their search for love to keep up with the costs of running their car.

With the average annual cost of motoring at £3,435, over half (51 per cent) of female drivers aged 17-25 say they would put love on hold to keep their car running.

The research, carried out by Morar on behalf of Admiral, which surveyed drivers aged 17 to 25 found that love isn’t the only luxury on the line for young drivers. The majority are willing to make this a summer of sacrifice, forgoing fashion (69 per cent), music festivals (60 per cent) and socialising with their friends (60 per cent) in order to stay on the road. Holidays also hang in the balance with 46 per cent admitting they would rather keep the car than spend money travelling.

Girls ditch romance for their love of cars
Girls ditch romance for their love of cars

Head of Car Access at Admiral, Jean-Baptiste Limare said: “Young drivers are so determined to stay on the road they are willing to sacrifice fashion, fun and festivals in order to keep up with the costs. In fact, it’s even ‘road over romance’ for more than half of young female drivers.

“Whilst we can’t escape the fact that motoring costs are high for young drivers, it doesn’t have to be the summer of sacrifice.

“There are less drastic measures the under 25s can take to keep the cost of motoring down.

“Research is ‘key’ from the time you buy your first car right through to when you choose your insurance provider and your policy.

“This can save you hundreds of pounds which could go towards date nights or even a music festival with your friends.”

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